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Whipsnade Zoo Tickets & Prices


Set in over 600 acres of parkland, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo has acres of room for its animal inhabitants to roam in a habitat similar to their natural homelands and visitors can ride through wild animal territory on the Jumbo Express steam train, see animals close up from their cars, take a shuttle bus or simply walk around.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is the UK's largest Zoo and also one of Europe’s largest conservation centers. There are daily shows featuring sea lions and exotic birds, a children's petting farm with domesticated animals and also runs animal and wildlife photographic workshops.

For those wanting a more ‘hands-on’ experience, visitors to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo can be a keeper for the day, helping with routine tasks.

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Whipsnade Zoo is the UK's largest zoo with 600 acres and 3,500 animals waiting to make your aquaintance.  You'll be eye to eye at Girafe Heights and amazing views a the Lions of the Serengeti.  Check out the Jumbo Express and take a stroll through the Butterfly House and a fun finale with the  monkeys at Hullabazoo farm.