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Whales of Iceland Exhibition Tickets and Prices


Always wanted to learn more about whales? The Whales of Iceland in Reykjavik exhibit consists of 23 man-made life size models of the various whale species found in Icelandic waters throughout its natural history.

You can see an 82 foot long blue whale, a full-size sperm whale, the endangered North Atlantic right whale and many more! Be astonished by their actual size!

All models are hand-painted and personal characteristic can be found on each model that is a real whale in the ocean. The models are also soft, squishy and fun to touch.

Interactive information stands and videos, surrounded by soothing whale sounds, underwater ambient lighting and black and yellow beach-like floor. Experience the whales with the VR headset and observe the giants of the ocean all around you.

Whales of Iceland is a dreamy adventure for the whole family.