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Berlin Dungeon Tickets and Prices


The Berlin Dungeons is a 70 minute journey into 800 years of Berlin's darkest history. You will laugh and scream as you encounter live shows with skilled actors!

Scary true stories, ‘orrible actors and thrilling rides.

Berlin Dungeon is a uniquely thrilling attraction that will whisk you way back into the city’s most perilous past. See, hear, feel and (ahem) smell the chilling amusing characters of the ‘bad old days’ as they come to life before you. Will you lose yourself in fear ort in mirth? Whichever way, it’s not looking good for your underwear.

Surprises await you, because the past is dark and full of dread. Will you escape the Black Death? Uncover the legend of the dreaded White Lady – from head to toe. And meet serial killer Carl Großmann but make sure that you don’t end up as one of his tasty sausages.

Highlight is Exitus – Berlin’s unique indoor freefall tower – Are you brave enough to hang with us?

The shows are in German. English shows are available daily at 2:30 pm. For additional English shows please ask our staff onsite. Berlin Dungeon is not suitable for children under the age of 10.

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