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Stonehenge Tickets and Prices


Visit mysterious Stonehenge and discover Britain’s greatest prehistoric monument.

With 3,500 years of history, this mighty monument stands the test of time as one of ancient man’s greatest and logic defying triumphs of architecture. Built in 3 phases over 1500 years, nobody knows the true meaning behind its monolithic stones. Was it a temple for sun worshippers, a burial site or perhaps a giant calendar?

Whatever the truth, Stonehenge admission tickets, from 365TIckets are all you need for a fascinating day out. Be transfixed by the eerie beauty of the colourful stones when the sun rises and sets or merely walk around the circle and take in the wonder of Stonehenge.

We have found 9 ticket options for you!

Be inspired by prehistoric Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.  One of the most famous monuments in the world with stones over 13 feet tall, 7 feet wide and weighing about 25 tons!