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Istanbul Sightseeing Day Tour Tickets & Prices


A combination of historical, religious, cultural and adventurous holidays in the relaxed atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Tours include Bursa, known as the Royal Springs, renowned for hot mineral waters that have been popular since Byzantine and Roman times. The 700-year old baths were built in the time of Sultan Murat I. The beautifully ornate Yeni Kaplica bath dates back to 16th century.

Plan a visit to Bosphorus, or the Istanbul Strait, which functions not just as a border between Europe and Asia, but as one of the most beautiful sites in all of Turkey. Lined with scenic greenery, palaces, parks, and an absolutely gorgeous waterfront, Bosphorus has much more to offer than one may initially suspect.

One of its more popular landmarks, Dolmabahce Palace is one of the Ottoman Empire’s most significant and grandiose structures. With more than 240 rooms, and 43 hallways, Dolmabahce was a political hub in Turkey for the better part of one and a half centuries before the collapse of the empire.

If you’re looking to embrace the wonderful outdoors of the area, two of Bosphorus’ more beautiful parks are the Emirgan and Macka Parks. Where Emirgan contains a plethora of water-related scenery including ponds, waterfalls and the Bosphorus itself, Macka too shares views of the Bosphorus’ beauty, but is composed of charming valley terrain, providing the opportunity for energizing strolls about

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