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Nashville Community Walking Tours


United Street Tours wants to share with you the side of Nashville not everyone is familiar with, its place in history at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement.

Come and disconver Nashville's missing stories, and gain cultural awareness as your tour guide helps you celebrate the diversity of this community. As dedicated Nashville tour guides, they are on a mission to increase your awareness, and help you understand how everyday people created change. They aim to leave you feeling hopeful, inspired, and empowered to find ways to protest injustices, build bridges, and contribute to the community.

With them you will take the path less traveled, and through this discover the full story of Music City, country music's foremost paradise.

They aspire to be the inspiration for others to #WalkUnited!

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United Street Tours wants to show you the Nashville that is beyond the touristy country music scene. They are a woman owned company celebrating the diversity of Nashville while exploring African American history and culture. Hear the missing chapters in the story of Nashville that include juicy untold stories about music and culture.