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HMS Belfast Tickets and Prices


The HMS Belfast has witnessed more significant historic events than any other surviving vessel in Britain today.

Every part of the ship has a story to tell from the guns chosen to fire the first shots on D‐Day as the Allies battled towards victory in the World War II to the cavernous engine rooms that powered the ship through the icy wastes of the Arctic and the shark‐infested waters of the Tropics.  Be inspired on the Flag Deck, nine levels up, where sailors once scanned the horizon for enemy vessels.  Now that same location allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of central London.

This is history you can touch and feel. This is HMS Belfast. Buy HMS Belfast Tickets and save money with 365Tickets' combination deals.

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Do not miss a trip to HMS Belfast, a mighty warship right on the River Thames.  Discover the stories of the men who worked on the ship during the World War II and beyond.  Most popular areas are:

  • Gun Turret Experience
  • Operations Room
  • Life at Sea