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Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms Tickets and Prices


"We will fight them on the beaches." History was made in Churchill War Rooms.

Winston Churchill and his inner circle met here in secrecy beneath the streets of Westminster and defied Hitler.  The life and death decisions of World War II were made in these rooms.

See the bed Churchill slept in, the Map Room where he agonised over the latest intelligence reports,  the scratches he gouged into his chair as tension mingled with cigar smoke in the cramped confines of the Cabinet Room.

There is no better place to appreciate the defiance, improvisation, camaraderie and awe‐inspiring reality of those darkest hours. 

Follow the inspiring life of Sir Winston Churchill on a day trip from London.  We take care of all transportation worries and provide a guide with insight you will not have if you go alone.

You will travel to Chartwell, Churchill’s one-time home in Kent and tour the house and gardens.

Then, visit London's Churchill War Rooms, the underground lair where the great man and his team planned Allied World War II operations.